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Gallagher Designs
Like many artists, Tim Gallagher began selling his unique art at craft markets throughout the Northwest. Today, Gallagher Designs is a premier design resource for brands who want to reach customers with dramatic environments. From customized luxury boxes to laser etched footwear to specialized fixtures and furnishings, Gallagher Designs sets a one-of-a-kind mood and they set it fast. Because great design still has to hit the deadline.

So what's a place with Sasquatch sculptures and skate ramps doing partnering with a bank like Lewis & Clark? Because like Gallagher's art, we're unlike the others. Quick turn-arounds, upfront expenses, and shall we say, unique assets, create the need for a business partner who understands the value of service and who moves as quickly as trends change. Traditional banks can't (or won't) keep up with a business cycle like this. But Lewis & Clark Bank can.

Because we're business owners too. We understand the value of a resource you can rely on. We know time is often of the essence. We get that there's no substitute for person-to-person relationships. This is what makes Lewis & Clark Bank an ideal partner for businesses who make even the most uncommon things. Because no matter how creative Gallagher's business sounds, they're still in business to stay in business.

Great design still has to hit the deadline.
-Tim Gallagher

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