Partners for The Long Haul
In 64 years, Davis Trans-Lite Trucking hasn't missed a delivery. As the region's only independent raw milk delivery service, many local dairies literally bet the farm on their service. Every hour of every day. So when Kevin Davis took over the family business, only to discover he'd inherited major debt, he knew to keep his cool. He also knew that pride alone wasn't going to keep his family's business from screeching to a halt. He needed drastic action to protect the jobs of his 50 employees. He needed a partner for business.

Traditional banks had no interest in lending to someone who merely had a vision for the future of his company. But Lewis & Clark Bank saw it differently. While Kevin was short on capital, he was long on experience, smarts, and good sense. We took the time to understand and share his vision by forging the trust of a personal relationship. Together, we created a plan to get the company back to doing what it does best- delivering value.

And like you'd expect from someone whose trucks haven't missed a delivery in six decades, Kevin was true to his word. The work's been hard, but Davis Trans-Lite Trucking is back on track, expanding every year, and a big step closer to ensuring it remains the family business for generations to come. You could say the cream really does rise to the top. 
“Integrity is one of Kevin's long-term assets.” -Jeff Sumpter