Partners for Rejuvenation
Dunthorpe Marketing Group
When she first walked through the derelict shell of another era, the only surviving electric railroad company building in Portland, Susan wanted to save the structure and give it another chance. Years later, would she get hers?

2009 was a tough year for everyone. And Susan found herself affected by some of those economic shock waves. But when her back was literally up against a brick wall, Susan Linman, President and founder of Dunthorpe Marketing Group, kept calm and her vision was as steady as her eye for untapped potential.

Dunthorpe Marketing Group has had one of its most successful years to date in 2011, boasting a 49% increase in revenue. Like many entrepreneurs, Susan started the business in 1996 from her home office. She eventually purchased the brick "Carmen's Clubhouse" in 2002. The building in Sellwood, a diamond in the rough that once offered amenities to local conductors and motormen in 1910, now hosts Dunthorpe Marketing Group, a company specializing in lead lifecycle strategy, planning and campaign implementation.

Success hasn't come without innovation or rejuvenation. Like the interior of her building, the company has good bones. Susan's team has grown to 20 plus employees, including a tele-services department that has proven to be a key factor in the agency's growth. "Gathering a talented crew has been our biggest achievement and I know our clients will be treated well because I trust the team. We surround ourselves with good people. Character is important."

And "character" is what Susan eventually found in a banking partner. When the economy tanked, her old bank changed its policies and turned its back on Dunthorpe Marketing and other small business clients, even after many years with a solid lending relationship. That's when Susan contacted Lewis & Clark Bank's Co-President/CEO, Jeff Sumpter, for advice. Susan still fumes when remembering the about-face she experienced with her previous bank, and after going through the loan process with Lewis & Clark Bank she knew she could count on us to treat her with respect.

Just like Susan, we have an eye for character and potential, too. We understand business. We understand that the economy moves in cycles. We understand that clients need to be treated with respect. We're extremely creative when it comes to business solutions. And you could say we have good bones too.
“We surround ourselves with good people. Character is important.” -Susan Linman