Partners for Creativity
Gallagher Designs


Tim Gallagher needed a partner who understood his unique needs and circumstances. Being a design firm that works in not-so-traditional mediums, they needed a not-so-traditional bank to help them achieve their next level of success. With a lot of up front expenses, quick turnarounds, and unconventional supplies being the norm, Gallagher Designs set out to find a business partner in Lewis & Clark Bank. Because great design still has to hit the deadline.
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Gallagher Designs is not your average design company, and we are not your average bank. Most traditional banks can't wrap their heads around the needs of a business such as Gallagher's. But Lewis & Clark gets it. Putting our trust in, and taking a risk on someone like Tim is exactly the kind of challenge we strive for and are excited about. Because we're business owners, too. We understand the value of a resource you can rely on. Because no matter how unconventional Gallagher Designs may be, they're still in business to stay in business.
"Great design still has to hit the deadline."
- Tim Gallagher