Partners for Longevity
Alex Mauck, a growing expert in waste water management, finds his long-time family business playing a vital role in environmental and community health. Most of us would prefer not to think about sewage. Not Alex, owner of Goodman Sanitation Inc., established in 1948. Since purchasing the family business from his father in 1995, Alex has immersed himself in waste - sometimes literally. That's because he knows that a functioning onsite septic system is one key to a cleaner and safer future.

"What we do here is critical to the health and environment of our community," says Alex. As our planet faces a shrinking supply of clean water, the need for advancements in septic efficiency grows day by day. "In my business we need to stay up with the most current technology. In the last decade, there have been more technological changes in waste water management than in the 30 years previous." Along with the unpredictable nature of technology, Alex's industry is subject to a myriad of State, DEQ, and Federal rules and regulations, leading to a shortage of qualified candidates for employment.

Alex needed a bank that could understand the complex nature of his work and provide him with the expertise to help grow his company. He needed a bank that would take his business as seriously as he does. Lewis & Clark Bank is able to provide Alex with the same level of individualized service Goodman Sanitation gives to his clients. 

Alex knows that finances are often just as messy as some of his job visits, and he appreciates the knowledgeable staff that keeps him organized and informed. As a member of the Strategic Business Forum, Alex enjoys the macroeconomic perspective he gains from the Bank's experts.

"The events and forums offered by Lewis & Clark Bank really help keep perspective - the big picture - excellent for a business owner to guide their business."

As Goodman Sanitation pursues opportunity everywhere from Clackamas to the Caribbean, Alex can chart a clear - and clean - course with a Partner for Business at his side. Big banks don't like getting their hands dirty. We do. Because sometimes the dirtiest jobs are also the most important ones.
“The need for advancement... grows day by day.” -Alex Mauck