Partners for A Job Done Right
Few places are busier than the print shop. Just ask Derek Lasko of Lasko Printing. From corporate documents to menus to business cards, Lasko Printing does it all - offset, digital, binding, and much more. And with the high demand for the company's services, Lasko Printing is careful to focus on quality first.

"We are not the cheapest," Derek says. "We sell on quality and service." In jobs big and small, the team prides itself on the details of each and every project. That dedication can be traced back to Derek, who first made his way in the printing industry in the 1970's, working with his dad out of their home. Those were the days before modern printing technology, when Derek had to manually typeset, cut, and glue columns onto sheets of paper.

A lot's changed in the ensuing years. Derek started his own business in 1987, and since then, he assembled a team of professionals who share their expertise and love of printing. It's a tight-knit group that runs just as efficiently as Lasko's cutting-edge equipment.

So why shouldn't their bank work the same way? With Lewis & Clark Bank, Derek has found a banking partner that's as productive and quality-driven as he is.

"We like the direct connection, the local relationship, and local decision-making," Derek says. While a big box bank could have provided a loan for his business, Derek was fed up with lenders in other states who didn't understand the local business environment. He trusts Lewis & Clark Bank to make fast, impactful decisions that make a difference in the business's growth.

A job well done doesn't just meet a customer's expectations - it goes above and beyond them. Derek Lasko has made exceptional service his philosophy. And so has his bank.
“We sell on quality and service.”
-Derek Lasko