Partners for Paying It Forward
"You're only as good as your last referral," says Greg Rogers, CPA. Wise words you might expect from the owner of one of Oregon City's largest accounting firms. What you might not expect is that in 5 short years, the then 29 year-old went from being a corporate employee to owner of his own practice, Rogers Financial Services. He now employs 10 accountants and is fueling growth through acquisitions, and, of course, word-of-mouth referrals.  

But these days, even a sterling reputation and a strong balance sheet can have trouble working with traditional banks. In fact, a traditional bank dithered around so long with their decision-making they almost caused Greg to miss an immoveable deadline- and only then to deny his loan for being a "service" business.

That's when he decided it was time to find a real partner for business. A partner he would feel comfortable referring his clients to if need be. A partner like Lewis & Clark Bank.  Because we're local business owners, too. And frankly, we think service is at the core of any successful business. With his paperwork already in order (he's an accountant, after all), a solid reputation, and a plan for the future, Greg got his loan approved in time to meet his deadline and expand his business. 

While they say the only certainties are death and taxes, we'd like to add one more thing to that equation: Finding a good CPA in Oregon City.
“You're only as good as your last referral.” -Greg Rogers