15 Books To Exercise Your Entrepreneurial Brain

January 31, 2014 - Trey Maust

Time is one thing busy entrepreneurs rarely have enough of. Yet, it is critical for hard working business leaders to reserve blocks of time to think, to concentrate and to take in a new book or two.

Reading a book is a leisure-time activity, but it’s also a plus from a neurological perspective. A new study conducted by Emory University found that reading a good book causes heightened connectivity in the brain and helps to develop something akin to muscle memory. In other words, sharp minds in and out of business, read books.

Of course, finding the truly “good books” takes a bit of research, and research takes time – the very thing busy business people lack.

In the interest of informing your next trip to the public library, online, or favorite bookstore, our staff has generated a list of favorite business books.
According to Pew, the typical American read or listened to five books last year. Of course, there are active readers who read one book each week. These super readers are also likely to recommend books and search for new books on social media platforms like

Here are seven more business books to read by firelight:
Business is a dynamic system. It takes a real quest for knowledge to stay current and informed. If you have already read some of these fine volumes, our hat is off to you. If you intend to read them, and think that you want to discuss the ideas in these books, we welcome your feedback.

We’re bankers with an informed opinion. We trust you like it that way. 

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